Thursday, 11 August 2016

Steam Valley Chapter 6 - Reverend Darkwin

Reverend Darkwin was fascinated by the theory of evolution and decided to put it into practice.

A resident of Essex the Reverend moved to Steam Valley to avoid the trouble that his types of forced genetic evolutionary experiments tend to generate. Luckily he was able to secure an old church for his base so he felt right at home.

The Reverend has already provided some income to his backers.

 His first experiments were concerned with breeding flying monkeys. These have been a great success and teams of flying monkeys are now delivering telegrams in many of the major cities of Europe. In London, they have thrived in the densely populated metropolis and living off pigeons are now a welcome sight as they flap and glide across the sky. Many large homes now have a landing area specifically for the monkeys.

Flying Monkeys on their landing platform.

His other experiments have also been successful but have raised many worrying concerns. The Reverend has expanded the brains of his captive gorillas and made a small army. The gorillas are armed with specially modified guns that are suitable for their large hands. The Reverend has suggested that they be used as light infantry and therefore their uniform is the same colour as the English Rifle units from the Napoleonic wars. The Reverend anticipates that they will fight in the same way, moving through the bush and woods, attacking the enemy where they least expect it and then disappearing into the terrain when the battle is done.

Gorilla Light Infantry
To assist them he has also evolved a very large silver back gorilla that carries the squad’s artillery piece, especially designed for use by the gorillas. With a monkey spotter perched on his shoulder and an assistant gorilla to load the artillery rounds, they make a valuable addition to the fire power of the unit.
Gorilla Artillery Team

They are led by their unit commander “Caesar” who has a penchant for cigars.
The British army, can see the usefulness of the unit, when teamed with a steady unit of red coats of course, in dealing with the pesky natives in the various jungle ridden parts of the Empire.

The Reverend and his daughter, plus Ceasar and at the back Mr Charles Darlost - an early failed experiment

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