Thursday, 15 December 2016

Goblin Army

The goblin army varies with the distance from their origin.

When the great wizard Fourbytwo created them they had very little civilised experience. But over hundreds of years of wars with humans they have become quite 'civilised' and make sure that those Goblins sent out to do battle in the furthest reaches of their realm are mostly inexperienced and unprepared while the wise ones stay safely in core of the realm.

This means that on the outer reaches of the goblin realm the armies will be mostly hordes with a few bows or spears. But as the invaders come closer to the goblins birthplace the armies become much more sophisticated and deadly.

The full goblin army

Goblin spears - perfect for dealing with Knights

Goblin Artillery - the dwarves said they could never copy their guns - but it seems the Goblins could and made them bigger and better

The Goblin General with the core of the army - axemen

Goblin bowmen - ready for  a Knight out 

Goblin Wizard - self taught from searching through the tower of Fourbytwo and the experience of his less successful brethren

One of the Goblins allies, Mono - rescued from a Knights' castle when he was just a babe, he is very loyal to his Goblin bros.

A rouge wizard - who helps the Goblins when it suits him and who is not afraid of a little genetic manipulation for recreational purposes.

Goblin flyers from the mountain regions of the island - ready to do battle with the dwarf flyers - legend says that they made a pact with an ancient dragon but this is dismissed by the Wizards Council as an old man's tale.

A Goblin Horde army. Not the strongest but certainly scary

A close-up of a horde unit - Nigel is third from left in the fourth row

More hordes - there are never enough

Horde General 

Goblins Bows - a nasty surprise for the Knights hiding behind a horde

Goblin axemen - a nasty surprise for everyone