Tuesday, 19 September 2017

22C - Port City

Port City

In a little known city on the seaboard, some of the shattered survivors of the merchant marine and the navies of the world gathered together for shelter and mutual protection.

With bulk supplies of essential military and civilian goods they soon became a magnet for any of the people who had escaped toot as well as the feral tribes.

In this port, an amphibious warfare ship is joined by a submarine and a general supply ship and small container ship.

The port holds the containers from its last delivery plus some surplus trucks, including the rusting remains of toots trucks that would not submit to their new owners.

One ship in the harbour has sunk but the enterprising humans have turned it into a watch tower.

While the humans are happy with their lot and feel safe from toot, nonetheless their ships and hopes are slowly rusting away. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

22C - feral raid


A small town at the end of a road is operating under toot control. Within the town is a gun store that contains much needed supplies required by the feral tribe. The purpose of the raid is to smash our way in, killing anything that opposes us and grab the guns and armoury equipment.

Then we leave before any toot military forces arrive.

One recon unit of motorbikes
One Battlebus
One gun truck
Five utes with guns
One truck to carry the loot
Two squads of infantry in the Battlebus plus a leader.

There are going to be CarZ and HumanZ plus possibly larger units.

Rules used : FUBAR Sci-fi expanded with some additions for car crashes.

Turn 1
The feral convey rolls down the road with bikes in the lead, followed by utes, the battlebus, gun truck, truck and then another ute bringing up the rear.

In the town the toot forces are represented by various “blip” markers and placement will be random.

feral convoy on the move

Turn 2
The motor bikes followed by the convoy enter the town and see two toot forces, some HumanZ and 2 CarZ. The toot forces activate and the CarZ attack the bikes killing one.

toot attacks

Turn 3
The CarZ are destroyed by the utes but the bikes then enter the town and activate all the toot forces in line of sight.

The first HumanZ that had activated, close assault the bikes and kill them both while taking 3 casualties themselves.

The remaining toot forces move towards the invaders.

The convoy moves into the town

casualty list

Turn 4
The ferals try to force entry into the town but are fiercely resisted by the toot forces.

The gun truck enters the town but is immediately attacked by a big rig crashing into it. Both vehicles are damaged.

Two CarZ are destroyed by utes as the ferals move closer to their goal.

The HumanZ take cover in buildings.

end of turn 4 the ferals struggle to force entry into the town

casualties at the end of turn 4

Turn 5
The ferals beat off more attacks by CarZ killing three of them.
The CarZ can’t damage the utes unless they attack them from the side and even then only score a glancing hit.

The big rig and gun truck continue to battle it out.

To clear the HumanZ the ferals unload the infantry.

Utes blaze away at the HumanZ in the gun store but do no damage.

end of turn 5 

toot casualties climb

Turn 6
The HumanZ in the corner building close assault the infantry in front of them causing 4 casualties while having three bases destroyed.

The Utes firing at the HumanZ in the gun store cause one base casualties so the HumanZ retreat out of sight further into the building.

The big rig is finally destroyed by the gun truck.

end of turn 6

casualties include some ferals this time

Turn 7
The close assault by the HumanZ continues and another base of infantry is killed before the remaining bases of HumanZ are eradicated.

The way is now clear to attack the gun store and the ferals move up their infantry. The trucks and utes take up blocking positions to protect the infantry assault.

end of turn 7

more feral casualties

Turn 8
The ferals close assault the HumanZ in the gun shop.

The end result is 1 base of ferals is killed and the remaining 5 bases of HumanZ are destroyed.

The ferals have won the battle but paid a terrible price in infantry and bikes. When the enemy outnumbers you by 6 billion you need to be very careful with your losses.

The ferals have captured the gun shop

plumes of smoke from destroyed CarZ and TruckZ litter the street. while the feral infantry empty the store into the waiting truck


In a server located somewhere deep in the heartland of toot territory toot thinks carefully about the result. The losses in CarZ and HumanZ are irrelevant, worse is the disruption to its plans. More DroneZ and TankZ are required to defend against the feral vehicles, and perhaps raids against their strongholds are also required but HumanZ are very useful in buildings, will these be enough or will toot need to build the RoBroZ?

toot forces are all toys from Aliexpress
Ferals are from Pendraken and DropZone Commander

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

22C toot - Feral Army

After the toot apocalypse some of the humans who escaped toot’s round up of humanity joined together in tribes of ferals. These tribes were based around those humans who were “preppers” – people who believed that the end of civilisation was just around the corner. After two centuries of waiting they were finally proved right.

The preppers had built up stores of weapons, food and transport and with these resources were able to grow their tribes by stealing from toot and picking through the detritus of the fallen civilisation.
Many of the tribes took ideas from such apocalyptic films such as Mad Max and this tribe was no exception.

This Feral tribe had grown and could now field an impressive array of weaponry. Whether they would be able to withstand toot’s army of RoBroz only time would tell.

The Feral Convoy heads down the highway. Led by the technicals – utes with guns, followed by the heavy weapons of the trucks, then the battle buses with their gun platforms and carrying squads of infantry.

Feral army on the move

A close up of the technicals

Technicals - horse power and guns 

A close up of the trucks and their big guns

Feral big gun trucks

A close up of the battle buses

Battle buses with their fighting platforms

At the back of the convoy comes the logistics group of trucks.

Logistics - the back bone of any army

A close up of a squad of infantry. One team has a RPG, one has a LMG, there is also a MMG team and finally a HMG for anti aircraft protection.

Out in front scouting the terrain is the recon force of motorbikes, each armed with a HMG

Motorbikes - recon for the ferals

On call for close air support is the air wing of this quite sophisticated tribe. Three police and fire department helicopters repurposed with door gunners – so called, because they ride on doors from containers that have been welded to the chopper’s landing skies. Each chopper has one rocket launcher and one HMG.

Air support with attitude

A close up of the fire power

All technicals, gun trucks, battle buses and bikes are from the Dropzone Commander Resistance range.

The infantry and the heavy weapon figures are from Pendraken’s Viet Cong range, the logistic trucks are also from Pendraken.

The helicopters are converted toys.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

22C - Abandoned airport

With most of the humans safely upgraded to HumanZ many of their airports were abandoned and left to nature by toot.

Ten days later - ten years later the airport has changed.

The airport is overrun by nature

Planes, building roofs, containers and covered with greenery.

The military planes have been left to rust and rot.

Even the control tower is covered and trees have grown in the runway verges.
A close up of the over grown passenger plane.

All the toys are the same as the previous post except that the military aircraft were much cheaper before they were spray painted, detailed and covered with flock.

The look is inspired by a lot of post apocalyptic art work. When looking at photos of long abandoned planes, hardly ever are they covered by any plants growing on their wings. Sometimes reality has no sense of what is appropriate.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

22C - Airport

Some new terrain for future games.

A small airport that is shared with the military.

As airports are very large I have just taken a small slice. Also I have designed it so that it can be used as a port and a space port as well.

Main runway, military aircraft to the left, hangers with aircraft to the right, control tower and radar bottom left.

Another view

View of the passenger aircraft and containers ready to load. On the left the airport car park.

Close up of control tower and radar.

Close up of passenger plane

I took some inspiration from the airport at Vladivostok in Russia.

All planes are toys from the $2 shop. Hangers are from Outland Models ebay store with some enlargement of the hanger doors. The middle model with the blue doors is unmodified. Cars, buses and trucks from Aliexpress.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

22C - toot army

Armies of toot

toot needed an army to take over the world. Initially it was made up mostly of CarZ, BusZ, TruckZ DroneZ and TankZ.

As the human resistance to its rule began to emerge and threaten toot's control it needed to add HumanZ and finally RoBroZ to its forces.

First a picture of the entire army. Led by the main elements of RoBroZ, TankZ, and DroneZ. Flanked by TruckZ, BusZ and CarZ and bringing up the rear in a disorderly mess are the HumanZ.

Close up of the RoBroz

Close up of the TankZ

Close up of the DroneZ

Close up of the CarZ park

RoBroZ are from Pendraken’s Scifi range, TankZ and DroneZ are Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames. BusZ, TruckZ, CarZ, and HumanZ are from Aliexpress.

RoBroZ name is from the Flight of the Conchords’ 2007 CD “The Distant Future” track “Robots”. I was going to call them TerminatorZ but RoBroZ is much funnier.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

22C - toot town abandoned

toot is a ride share app that has become self aware and is intent on taking over the world.

Ferals are the tribes and gangs that grew from the humans who were already prepared for the apocalypse that toot started.

As the ferals gained control of the countryside increasingly the small towns became isolated and vulnerable. Raids and attacks caused toot constant concern and problems.

Some towns were too important to be undefended and toot concentrated its defences in these towns, making them fortresses. But other towns were surplus and toot took the decision to abandon them and concentrate its resources where required. The towns would be re-occupied when the ferals and resistance had been crushed.

The ferals didn’t occupy them as they didn’t trust that toot wouldn’t return and in any event they made occupying the towns would make the ferals an easy target.

The abandoned towns were soon overgrown.

Feral recon forces would occasionally swing through the town and take photos to ensure the town remained unoccupied by toot.

toot is now offline

Abandoned and over grown CarZs and BusZs

Photo from a feral recon team