Monday, 16 September 2013

40K Space Rangers

Space Rangers

In the dark mists of time, when the Emperor was challenged he always sent for his most trusted troops, the elite of the elite, the SPACE RANGERS!

Space Rangers had the usual Marine equipment plus two unique features. First collapsible wings allowing them to drop from orbit, and second, a high powered close combat laser in the right arm of their armour.

They were the only one of all the Emperor's space marine chapters to be chosen as an action figure!

Here are a few of the remaining images showing the Space Rangers during operation “Trademark Infringement” in the war against the False Emperor Zurg.

The Space Rangers secure a communal food preparation store. Their motto - “we come in peace”

A close up of Commander Buzz and his blue utility belt.

A Zurg propaganda poster is defaced.

Space Rangers move into contact.

Another piece of Zurg's empire heads for the scrap heap.

Recon Unit "RC" gets some new orders for the next action.

A land speeder in the colours of the Space Rangers takes off.

Space Ranger rocket troops, motto “falling with style” take off to fight the enemy.

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