Tuesday, 22 August 2017

22C toot - Feral Army

After the toot apocalypse some of the humans who escaped toot’s round up of humanity joined together in tribes of ferals. These tribes were based around those humans who were “preppers” – people who believed that the end of civilisation was just around the corner. After two centuries of waiting they were finally proved right.

The preppers had built up stores of weapons, food and transport and with these resources were able to grow their tribes by stealing from toot and picking through the detritus of the fallen civilisation.
Many of the tribes took ideas from such apocalyptic films such as Mad Max and this tribe was no exception.

This Feral tribe had grown and could now field an impressive array of weaponry. Whether they would be able to withstand toot’s army of RoBroz only time would tell.

The Feral Convoy heads down the highway. Led by the technicals – utes with guns, followed by the heavy weapons of the trucks, then the battle buses with their gun platforms and carrying squads of infantry.

Feral army on the move

A close up of the technicals

Technicals - horse power and guns 

A close up of the trucks and their big guns

Feral big gun trucks

A close up of the battle buses

Battle buses with their fighting platforms

At the back of the convoy comes the logistics group of trucks.

Logistics - the back bone of any army

A close up of a squad of infantry. One team has a RPG, one has a LMG, there is also a MMG team and finally a HMG for anti aircraft protection.

Out in front scouting the terrain is the recon force of motorbikes, each armed with a HMG

Motorbikes - recon for the ferals

On call for close air support is the air wing of this quite sophisticated tribe. Three police and fire department helicopters repurposed with door gunners – so called, because they ride on doors from containers that have been welded to the chopper’s landing skies. Each chopper has one rocket launcher and one HMG.

Air support with attitude

A close up of the fire power

All technicals, gun trucks, battle buses and bikes are from the Dropzone Commander Resistance range.

The infantry and the heavy weapon figures are from Pendraken’s Viet Cong range, the logistic trucks are also from Pendraken.

The helicopters are converted toys.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

22C - Abandoned airport

With most of the humans safely upgraded to HumanZ many of their airports were abandoned and left to nature by toot.

Ten days later - ten years later the airport has changed.

The airport is overrun by nature

Planes, building roofs, containers and covered with greenery.

The military planes have been left to rust and rot.

Even the control tower is covered and trees have grown in the runway verges.
A close up of the over grown passenger plane.

All the toys are the same as the previous post except that the military aircraft were much cheaper before they were spray painted, detailed and covered with flock.

The look is inspired by a lot of post apocalyptic art work. When looking at photos of long abandoned planes, hardly ever are they covered by any plants growing on their wings. Sometimes reality has no sense of what is appropriate.