Monday, 30 October 2017

No more blog entries for 2017

To all of my 10 readers.

I am taking a break from blogging for the rest of the year due other things happening in my life.

I will return in early 2018.


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

22C - toot port attack

toot ground assault

As the sound of the toot DroneZ faded into the distance, with only the crackling flames and small explosions remaining as a memory of the battle a new wave of sound approached.

Somehow toot had moved a significant force of HumanZ, BusZ and TankZ past the guards and into assault positions. Only just in time were the ferals able to organise their defence after being warned by the early toot DroneZ attack.

toot forces prepare for their assault

toot forces rush forward while ferals forces wipe the sleep from their eyes and move into firing positions in each building.

toot BusZ and TankZ move through the centre of the battlefield, smashing feral bikes, utes and trucks. On the flanks the HumanZ assault the feral buildings. The right side of the feral port gets the most attention and many humans are destroyed by the zombie like HumanZ.

On the left side, concentrated fire power destroys most of the HumanZ and their assault fails.

toot forces attack but suffer significant casualties

another view showing the feral utes and trucks emerging to attack the toot invasion

The end of the final turn, the toot forces have been almost totally destroyed, only one TankZ and one BusZ are left and decide that the intelligence they contain in their memories is more valuable than any additional feral casualties, therefore they make a quick exit.

While the ferals claim a victory the explosions and fires show the cost.

A view from the sea, flame engulfs the port.

HumanZ casualties are terrible but toot knows there are plenty of them and more are ready each year.

Feral casualties are also high

Rules: I use Fubar SciFi rules. toot HumanZ bases count as one figure, the feral infantry count a figure for every model.

toot are always elite so move and fire most turns.

ferals count as veteran.

toot server main control unit. - the HumanZ have failed once again against the feral. It is time to start producing the RoBroZ. Rumours of a new human force continue to appear, nothing certain yet, but it does not pay to be unprepared. Orders go out to start building RoBroZ as well as to refurbish a space craft at Kennedy Space centre. You don't live forever by ignoring fate.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

22C - DroneZ Dawn Attack


Once before a single toot DroneZ had attacked the port and destroyed a number of cars and trucks and sunk a ship that the ferals had converted for their use.

Since then, the ferals had kept a constant watch guarding against another attack. As they increased their resources they set up a watch tower on the sunken ship, one on each of their ships and submarine, and also on the tops of the buildings all armed with anti-aircraft machine guns.

Just as well, as early one morning six toot DroneZ attacked from the west in two groups of three.

In this battle the DroneZ will always go first. Only the ferals' AA is active to begin with, the rest of their units can start to activate from turn 3.

DroneZ attacking from top right hand corner

Turn 1

The DroneZ move and fire at the AA and destroy three of them plus a feral battle bus.
The remaining feral AA return fire and manage to destroy two DroneZ.

DroneZ blast the AA and battle bus but two dronez are shot down

Turn 2

The DroneZ continue their assault and target other feral vehicles. Two feral choppers are destroyed along with a truck and another AA gun is destroyed.

But the DroneZ pay the price of switching targets from the AA too soon and the ferals’ return fire downs three more of the DroneZ.

DroneZ cause a lot of damage but are in turn shot down.

Turn 3

The remaining DroneZ flees the battlefield.

Flames and explosions cover the battlefield

toot evaluates the data and determines that a further assault will be required. But how soon will that be?

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

22C - Port City

Port City

In a little known city on the seaboard, some of the shattered survivors of the merchant marine and the navies of the world gathered together for shelter and mutual protection.

With bulk supplies of essential military and civilian goods they soon became a magnet for any of the people who had escaped toot as well as the feral tribes.

In this port, an amphibious warfare ship is joined by a submarine and a general supply ship and small container ship.

The port holds the containers from its last delivery plus some surplus trucks, including the rusting remains of toots trucks that would not submit to their new owners.

One ship in the harbour has sunk but the enterprising humans have turned it into a watch tower.

While the humans are happy with their lot and feel safe from toot, nonetheless their ships and hopes are slowly rusting away.