Sunday, 26 July 2020

19C - Prussian VSF Vehicles

With the end of the Martian Invasion the Prussian General Staff decided that they needed some weapon that could reliably defeat any future Martian Invasion or any other European power invading Germany (looking at you Great Britain).

However they were split into two opposed camps. Those that wanted to build a system of small forts across the country armed with the latest advanced radium guns to provide defence to any area while the army concentrated and those who said a vast fleet of mobile guns would be better as these could bring the full weight of the army against the invader.

Both sides had complex arguments to support their positions and many friends in the nobility and the Parliament. It was up to the Kaiser to break the deadlock. As usual he did not fail with a plan to adopt the worst of both sides.

He introduced the General Staff to the PanzerFestungKampfWagon - the Armoured Fortress Battle Wagon!  The General Staff dutifully clapped and cheered (although not without the Chancellor egging them on from behind the Kaiser)

The PanzerFestungKampfWagon was a cross between a small fort and a bus. It was heavily armoured, slow, limited capacity and usually late to any engagement.

To add insult to injury, the Kaiser determined that its movements through the Empire should not frighten the populace so it's plans included fake windows and a back porch to reduce its military appearance.

So without further nonsense here it is.

A column of Panzers move up to attack the invading British forces. Deadly radium guns at the ready.

A closer view. The crews atop the Panzers are ready for any situation!

A view from a passing flying machine. In the middle machine the crew have added fake clothes line with pants and shirt to increase the appearance of domesticity

A British agent's photo from the trees.

Another view of these terrible war machines.

While the Prussians did not appreciate the appearance of the Panzers at least they did not fall over like the British ones did when their gyroscopes failed. Who knows what the French will come up with.