Monday, 25 November 2013

Space Ranger Down – Light Year Class Dreadnought

But even the most powerful and skilled of the Emperor’s troops can come to grief in this harsh universe.

Here is an image to bring a tear to any eye and friend. A Light Year dreadnought brought down by an Ork Horde who dance on the remains.

Space Rangers – Light Year Class Dreadnought

As an elite Space Marine chapter, the Space Rangers had their own Dreadnought – the Light Year class.

Many an enemy of the Emperor met their fate at the hands of a Light Year Dreadnought. Their last sight being the smiling face of that most renown of all Space Rangers, Buzz Light Year who gave his spirit and visage to the designers of the Space Rangers’ own dreadnought.

These images show the dreadnoughts supporting a squad of Space Rangers clear an area for the Emperor.