Saturday, 11 June 2016

Steam Valley Chapter 4 - Mr Stevens and Sons

Mr Stevens and his two sons have established an outpost in Steam Valley. Coming from Birmingham to Steam Valley to take advantage of the networking opportunities and all the specialist services available.

Mr Stevens on the right and one son on the left.

Her Majesty’s British Army has taken a keen interest in Mr Stevens’ plans and provided a number of soldiers to assist him in his work. Barings Bank has lent the money to Mr Stevens and is looking forward to excessive returns once the equipment is ready for sale.

Mr Stevens has concentrated his experiments on extending the use of steam as a motive force. Combining Madam Curious’ Radium power source with high pressure boilers Mr Stevens has produced a trio of new products.

First up is his steam powered tank, armoured in steel and armed with a large cannon it has a range of over 15 miles and a top speed of nearly 5 miles per hour.

Son number two is giving the Steam Tank a last minute top up of oil.
Next is his armoured suits – to make what he calls – “Steel Men”. These suits are armoured with high grade steel and have motors that assist the men inside to move them. The energy generated by the back pack steam engine provides enough power for the soldiers to move the suits at a run as well as powering their rifles, steam burners or machine guns.

Steel men in the British Army colours - ready for parade.

Finally is his greatest invention. Flying suits with large wings that can carry a man great distances at heights of up to 250 feet. The flying back packs are powered by pressurised steam that flaps the wings on the pilot’s command. The “Red Devils” are the elite unit of the force and have already made a name for themselves in the valley with their displays of daring and co-ordinated flights.

The Red Devils