Tuesday, 15 November 2016


The Orcs are the happiest of the civilised races. Although why they are counted as civilised is a running joke for them. They are organised as a democratically elected government with regular elections for the various leadership roles. Their Commander in Chief is elected by the army and leads it into battle.

The Orcs enjoy a good fight, drinking beer around the fire, and eating BBQs. Generally they like to think that they get on very well with the other races. However, the dwarves, humans, Elves and wizards secretly despise the Orcs for their lack of civilising graces, their perpetual good cheer, work ethic, and the general feeling that the Orcs are having a really good time.

Occasionally the Orcs get all fired up by some politician or other group who get them in a fighting mood by picking on some imaginary slight and making a big deal of it. The Orcs then go off to war but generally their heart isn’t really in it, they much prefer lazing around the campfire and drinking, and after the first defeat they usually head off home.

The main part of the Orcs’ army is made up of fighters who charge madly into battle, Warbands under HOTT rules. The general’s element is also a warband.

There are also a few bow armed Orcs in case they get in a fight with others who have these or the dwarves and their flyers.

The scariest part of the Orc army is the Waaaargh – a large group of warriors who go berserk, generally by being told that all the beer has been stolen by the enemy army – this unit acts as a behemoth under the HOTT rules.

There is usually a hero in every Orc army. In this army it is Boozer.
The Orc Army

Boozer the Orc Hero

Orc Bowmen

The Orc Waaaargh

Orc Warbands

Orc Warband General - the black flag of the Orc Nation - you never need to wash it.