Thursday, 19 January 2017

Wizards Council’s Undead Army.

The wizards have many strange and dangerous powers.

The production of their Thaumo-magical Weapons of Mass Death from the strange luminescent ores and metals quarried for them from the deepest mines by the dwarves are only one of the many evil things they make.

Another evil is the Wizards Council’s Necromancer Humane Society (NHS) who raise the dead. While the other wizards are not too keen on talking to the dead, mainly because there might be some awkward meetings with people they have killed, the Necromancers are always the first to be called when the Wizards need an army.

This time the Necromancers have raised the dead of an old human army who were slaughtered when attacking the Orcs in a long forgotten war. Well forgotten by the humans, the Orcs still celebrate the battle’s anniversary each year with a great feast. Just like they did the night of the original battle.

The Necromancers’ army is built around the great wizards who bring it back from the dead as well as a great hero. The undead army is composed of swords and bows plus a team of minor Deaths who keep the undead under control.

When the dwarves saw the army they asked the Wizards why there were no horses, “the humans are mad for horses when they fight” said the dwarves. The Wizards just shrugged and said that there weren’t any intact horses there when they raised the bones of the army. The Orcs said, “There is good eating on a horse”, and left it at that.

The Wizards' Undead Army

Bow Skeletons

Minor Deaths - swords - to keep the undead under control

Undead swords

An undead Hero - needs two minor deaths to control him

Necromancer Wizard

Necromancer Wizard General