Monday, 16 September 2013

da Vinci Industries Automatons

da Vinci Industries

Introducing our newest product line of Automatons!

Eight feet high, covered in bronze armour, powered by the latest compressed air engineering, firing Girandoni Repeating Air Rifles and all controlled by the latest Babbage Analytical Engines.

These weapons will cause mass death on the battlefield and consternation in all the embassies in your capital. Don’t be the last to get some!

Automaton Features Front

1. Venetian Murano Ruby glass eyes.
2. Compressed air repeating rifle from Girandoni of Austria
3. Knees and legs – fully functional able to cross all terrain.
4. Arms – fully dynamic
5. Armoured in Bronze for soldiers and brushed Aluminium for squad leaders

Automaton Features Back

1. Dual compressed air tanks to last the entire battle.*
2. Quick release and swap
3. Neck, spine and other internal structures in steel
4. Babbage Analytical Engines – latest model and fully programmable.
5. Programmed by The Countess of Lovelace.

* depends on battle length

Automatons in action

Used for crowd control in your capital cities. At eight feet high, these automatons can over awe any uninformed protesters and bring them back to seeing the truth.

On the battlefield, a line of Automatons makes a lasting impression on your enemy’s morale. Don’t be the last to get them on your continent.

G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. Statistics


Shoot 10
Scuffle 9
Save 10
Weapon Repeating Rifle

Squad Members – Extras

Shoot 9
Scuffle 9
Save N/A
Weapon Repeating Rifle

 Battlefield Assistance Programme.

Talk to our representative about our battlefield assistance programme. This means any damage or warranty repairs can be made in the field by two factory trained mechanics.

Here an automaton gets a quick re-programme plus a tank swap and adjustment.

Satisfied Customers

The Papal States ordered a squad of nine automatons and one squad leader. Here is what Monsignor Peppi had to say: “On Saturday the Automatons marched through the market. On Sunday the Church was packed and the donation plates over flowing!”

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