Thursday, 4 August 2016

19C - War of the Antipodes - Victorian Airships

One part of the Victorian plans of continental conquest was the requirement for an Airship that could carry their armies at great speed in either attack of defense.

Not able to build them of the size and complexity of those in Europe, nonetheless, they were still able to do the job at short notice and with the limited manufacturing capabilities on hand.

A combination of river barges together with small railroad engines to supply the motive power, these airships with their anti-gravitarium thrusters below were going to carry the Victorian army to victory. Or so the Victorian government hoped.

Here for the first time are photos of the airships.

As one of the airships leaves its "hanger", another flies overhead.

The airship on a test flight

Here we see the entire Victorian airship force in line astern flying over the barracks in Melbourne. Their cleverly painted blue colour and white steam from the funnels lets them merge into the sky.


  1. Cool use of materials (engines and boats).
    If I were to start my VSF collection again I'd go for 15mm like you have...

    1. Hi, actually I have gone to 10mm. It means that my lack of painting talent is even less obvious. :)

      Pendraken has lots of good figures with much more detail than I can paint. I tried doing the coat's brass buttons on some figures - as I have seen other people do - and it ended up looking like a brass vest. :(

      Also I find that it is a lot easier to store the figures and terrain so I have decided that nearly all future projects will be at this scale.

      I am even thinking that at some stage I may redo my 20C - WW1 armies at 10mm instead of 20mm (or whatever Airfix is)

  2. Great ships Ben and the Emus look scary

    1. Thank you. The Kangaroos will be appearing soon to put fear into the hearts of the Victorians :)