Monday, 22 August 2016

19C - War of the Antipodes - Other Troops

While the main armies of the protagonists have been described, there are still all the other troops necessary for a country that is going to war.

All the 'extras' for the game

First up are the regulars that fight in defense - luckily they wear the same uniform for both NSW and Victoria so I only had to buy one group that can be used for both countries.

They are mostly artillery plus some supply troops.

This field artillery can be used to man fortresses or isolated garrisons

Fortress artillery on "disappearing" carriages - these will be used at Dawes Point Battery and Bare Island in Sydney and to guard the entrance to Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne

The limbers are used on the battlefield when artillery needs to move quickly. Hopefully I wont need more than four at any one time.

Supply horses - useful for some scenarios or for clogging up roadways - to be joined by some wagons soon I hope.

After the regulars for each side come the irregulars. These militia troops will always be on the defense so only one set is need for both sides.

A squadron of Cavalry for all the rich farmers to join

The Gatling Gun and Artillery - don't ask where they got them

Two Infantry Battalions for the unemployed, destitute and patriotic citizens who cant afford the cavalry. They wont be as good as the regulars but they can still shoot, charge and loot supplies.

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