Monday, 15 August 2016

19C - War of the Antipodes - New South Wales Plans

The government of New South Wales met at the Governor General’s home near the harbour. In the ground floor dining room they were updated by the secret agent Chesty Bond who had infiltrated the Victorian government and discovered their plans.

After his update some of the ministers were extremely agitated and afraid. The Victorians were nearly ready to strike and New South Wales was completely unprepared. How could they withstand this vicious onslaught by the Victorians. The Prime Minister stood with his Minister for War and calmly stated that there was nothing to worry about. “Plans and preparations are afoot, and I apologise for the secrecy but you can see the issues at stake – our survival and that of our state!” he told the cabinet.

He went over to the cupboards and pulled out a map of Sydney, a map of Australia and some strange drawings.

A birds eye view of Sydney in 1888 - Fort Macquarie is located on Bennelong Point - where the Opera House is now.
The Governor General's House is behind the fort in the Botanical Gardens. Further back is Parliament House. The Observatory is located by itself on a hill on the right hand side of the view.

A map of NSW used by the government in planning their defense against Victoria.

“Gentlemen, we are prepared. Our army does not just consist of our brave soldiers, our red coats and lancers, cannon and artillery, our defences in Sydney do not just consist on Fort Macquarie, Dawes Point Battery, Fort Denison and Bare Island. Victoria has its secret weapons and so do we”

“When Francis Greenaway designed the first buildings on Observatory Hill, he wanted to build an arsenal in the fort there to help defend the city. We have made that dream come true. Our scientists have developed weapons of inconceivable power that can strike down any of these new airships that they can see with a range of over five miles. Within the walls of the observatory are two of these ‘radium’ guns, fully operational! Furthermore, additional radium guns are being prepared to defend our major towns of Newcastle, Bathurst, and Nowra.”

“But what of our soldiers outside the city. Surely they will be destroyed or helpless in the face of these Victorian EAMMUs. We can’t just defend the city, we need to defend the state!” said the agitated minister of farming.

“Sir, all is in hand. For I have not yet finished describing our weapons. Like the Victorians we have also developed a new terrifying weapon of war. The Kingsgrove Armoury Novel Ground Assault Rapid Offensive Operations, or KANGAROO. Roo if you like” he smiled. “These weapons can bounce large distances, are armed with cannon and Gatling guns of the latest type, armoured against rifles and shrapnel”

“We believe that the Victorians do not intend to strike too soon. When the radium guns are installed in each of the towns we can make all of this public. The Victorians will have to back down and peace will reign across this continent at least.”

The meeting broke up after the fourth bottle of port was finished and the ministers retired to their homes.

The main NSW barracks is the Victoria Barracks located a few miles south of the city center.

The NSW army on display

The NSW army. From the left, Infantry, Artillery and Gatling guns, the famed NSW Lancers on the right and at the back the KANGAROO's

The NSW Infantry Battalions - five strong

A close up of the Gatling Guns and Artillery

NSW secret Weapons - Radium Guns and KANGAROOs

A close up of the Radium Guns

A profile of the KANGAROO - the Commander is in the front pouch and the gunner sits in the body. The head contains a cannon while the two arms are Gatling guns. Any excess steam escapes from the chimney tail that also serves to balance the KANGAROO when it is at full speed.


  1. Nice update.
    Kangaroo is cool.
    What rules will you be using for this?
    I like your 1888 picture of Sydney, online find or part of your collection?
    Are your 10mm figure Pendraken ones? I have some of there Colonial Brits and FPW Frenchies somewhere to paint up still.

  2. Thank you. My model making & painting skills are not great but hopefully the ideas are OK. :) The Kangaroo with its foot half raised is simply poor cutting and gluing - although it looks the best of all of them. The pouches are left over space marine shoulder pads which fit perfectly.

    I am writing my own rules 19C - that will borrow and steal from some other rule sets plus add my own spin. No doubt like my model making - some good ideas with poor execution. :)

    The Sydney map is online and I found it quickly by searching "Sydney 1880" and looking at images. It was fun researching for this as I had no idea - despite living in Sydney all my life (since 1962 eek!) that Fort Macquarie ever existed. Luckily it was knocked down to build the tram sheds or otherwise the Opera House would not have been built there.

    All Pendraken figures. Are you planning a VSF dust up at Fashoda? They are great figures and my painting does nothing for them. They have heaps of detail that I can't paint.