Saturday, 4 July 2015

Steam Valley Chapter 2 - Madame Curious

Madame Curious

Madame Curious is a world renowned scientist from France. An esteemed member of the French Academy of Scientists, she has made important contributions and exciting discoveries regarding the new wonder elements, radium and plutonium. Her skills in refining these elements has given her a powerful source of energy to experiment with.

Madame Curious has developed a new engine to power the creations of the Victorian steam age. Her engines use the power of radium and plutonium to directly create electricity. Madame Curious is financially supported by the French bank Comptoir d’Escompte. Madame has also been assisted by the French Army who has willingly seconded General Camembert to advise her on military equipment and requirements and to organise and fight her battles.

Madame Curious’s latest engine is strong enough to power the latest technology developed by da Vinci Industries, the awesome A.T.A.T. The great A.T.A.T. is designed to conquer any forts and bring enemies quickly to their knees. The A.T.A.T. is powered by da Vinci’s patented compressed air technology allowing it to operate far from the sources of water that are required by steam engines. 

Madame Curious’ new engine's power is able to charge the on board compressor units in no time and give the A.T.A.T enormous operating range. Its size and complexity precludes it from being controlled like an automaton so it is crewed by mechanics and piloted by a concert pianist on an organ that uses a complex system of compressed air machinery to command the A.T.A.T.

The A.T.A.T has a gun deck with two cannons and four machine guns. These are all controlled remotely by the pilot in the head of the A.T.A.T. As well as its gun deck, the A.T.A.T. has room for its crew, some passengers, a small drawing room, and a squad of ten automatons, who can either man the decks or debark and assault the enemy from the ground.

Madame Curious’ smaller engines power her automatons. These automatons were designed by the firm of Mr Renault and chosen by General Camembert as his ideal soldier. These automatons are guided by the latest in analytical Babbage machines that have been programmed by Madame’s great friend The Countess of Lovelace.

ATAT Drawing Room

ATAT Engineer

Exterior of the ATAT Control room and bridge

Interior on the control room

ATAT Automatons deploy down the stairs

Profile of the ATAT

Side view showing the gun deck.

Madame Curious and General Camembert on the Observation deck

Madame and General watch the automatons deploy.

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