Saturday, 4 July 2015

Steam Valley Chapter 1 - Background

Somewhere in a dark corner of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, far from any major cities but conveniently located on a spur from a major railway line, a valley of small villages, with an accepting population and a few crumbling castles is playing midwife to the birth of a new age.

Steam Valley made a perfect location for a worldwide collection of inventors, desperados, arms traders, villains, and engineers to hide their secret laboratories and with their venture capitalist backers develop their new weapons of war. All to promote Peace of course.

Each company battled the others, sometimes literally, for the funds, equipment and technology to perfect their dream of the perfect weapons systems.

Inventors who were attracted to this valley, or fled there after misunderstandings in their own jurisdictions, include Professor Springloose, Doctor Funcklestein, Mr James Steven and sons and daughters, Madame Curious, International Brain Machines and the Reverend Darkwin. No doubt many others will be seen as the story unfolds.

With the creation of this valley of invention in arms development many existing arms dealers and manufacturers also had a presence. Da Vinci Industries, whose factory was a week’s travel away in Venice was quick to open an office there. They were quickly followed by offices for Krupps, Enfield, Babbage Analytical Machines, Bofors, Renault Automatons, and many others.

Future chapters of this dreadful saga include one on each of the major inventors plus chapters on some of the various ‘incidents’ that occurred between them and the day to day trials and celebrations that happen when living far from home.

Fracas at the Station.                     Mixed up baggage at the station after the morning train arrives, ends in battle as two companies fight for their bags after a long and tiring trip.

Package for Dr Funcklestein.        A packaged brain is on the way to Dr Funcklestein. He has to get it to his laboratory before it is intercepted by his rival, IBM.

User Acceptance Testing.              One company has a buyer and needs to prove their superiority by taking on all comers at the testing fields.

Moonlight Rendezvous                  Rev Darkwin’s daughter has made arrangements for a secret meeting with Dr Funklestein’s assistant Igor. The Rev has to catch his daughter before Funklestein’s Igor carries her off to the railway station.

A nice day for a picnic.                   One sunny summer’s day two companies decide to go to the picnic area for lunch. But there is only one table available. Words are said and a battle ensues.

Steam Valley Race            Once a year all the companies come together for a friendly race around the village. No shooting and may the fastest vehicle or beast win.

Monster on the loose                     Dr Funcklestein’s monster gets loose. Everyone chases it to capture it and to return it to Dr Funcklestein to get the reward.

Dog Fight                            All the companies with a flyer send them chasing after a carrier pigeon carrying a message about a new investor.

I intend to use GASLIGHT for the battles and will add stats for each of the companies.

More to come soon.

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