Tuesday, 13 June 2017

22C - toot town

toot is a ride share app that became self aware and is intent on taking over the world.

toot spread out across the land and took over all the towns and cities establishing its control.

HumanZ walked the pavements or took CarZ and BusZ when required. They continued in their lives, running the economy for toot.

From the buildings of each town toot smiled upon his people and they did his bidding.

This town has only one road in, an elevated highway, and consists of three main sections, commercial centre, manufacturing centre and accommodation area.

HumanZ occupied the accommodation areas and worked in the factories, building CarZ, BusZ, TruckZ and in the larger cities, DroneZ, TankZ and RoBroZ.

It is in towns like these that toot spread out across the world, giving it enormous reach and influence, able to hunt down the ferals and seek out the resistance.

Here is one such town.

toot town control centre

toot town entry road

toot town shops
toot town super market - the gun shop is closed!

toot town industrial area - making CarZ parts for toot

toot town residential area for the HumanZ

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