Tuesday, 30 May 2017

22C - toot and the Apocalypse

The first battle of the Apocalypse

toot is a ride share app that has become self aware and is intent on taking over the world.

This incident on the day of the apocalypse was repeated in thousands of towns and cities across the world. The poor frightened humans, skeptical of toot’s claims and wary of its requests to upgrade them to HumanZ, try to get to a safe place and return home to their families.

toot has cut off all communications and people cannot talk to their families and friends. All they know is everything has gone wrong. They have seen people get captured by toot CarZ and taken away, BusZ’s full of people screaming for help.

In many places people had to try to run for safety through back yards and back alleys. In this city they seek safety in the old subway that is underground and not controlled by toot. But to get there they have to cross a busy four lane road that is patrolled by toot CarZ, BusZ, and TruckZ.

toot is confused by the humans not doing what they are told. Usually, when it tells them to go somewhere to get picked up they do it promptly. Today they are being unreasonable but it will get them when they cross the road.

New City with its old quarter on the right
The subway entrances are in the central part of the city. The people in the buildings on the other side need to cross the road to get to the subways. The toot CarZ will try to catch them. From the buildings smiling and happy toot logos encourage people to come to it.

I am using a variation of the Fubar rules. The people in each building will constitute a unit and need a 5+ to activate and an expertise 5+ to save from any attacks. Each time they move they will go one lane forward, if they save from a toot attack they will move a lane forward as well.
The toot CarZ, BusZ and TruckZ all automatically move 20cm except they cannot end their move in an intersection. They will also stay in the same lane. If they move off the board they will reappear on the same road lane on the opposite side. If they contact a human base and the human fails its save the human is captured. CarZ can hold one human base, BusZ and large TruckZ four bases, and small TruckZ two bases. When a toot vehicle is full, it is immediately removed from the board as it takes its cargo to the upgrade centres to change the humans to HumanZ.

Turn One

The first humans make a tentative move onto the road and toot captures its first human base.

The humans venture onto the road with fateful results

Turn Two

More human groups enter the roadway and some bases are immediately captured.

Turn Three

On the right hand side of the city two human groups try to race across the road together. Maybe there is safety in numbers.

Turn Four

Nearly all the groups of humans have left their buildings.

toot has already captured lots of bases and no humans have made it across the road.

Turn Five

The toot signs on all the buildings go from “happy toot” to “angry toot”. “Do as you are instructed! Report for upgrading!” toot booms out over the emergency warning system.

But too late, one human base avoids capture once and then twice and makes it across the road. Safe at last.

Turn Six

Many of the humans are nearly half way across. Maybe some more will make it.

Turn Seven

One of the last groups of humans to move from their building have moved three times in three turns and are nearly there! Waiting for the other humans to be captured and reduce the number of CarZ on the road is obviously a good strategy. Although pretty ruthless. That building is probably the HQ of a bank.

Turn Eight

Another two human bases make it across the road to a car park. Luckily the CarZ there are offline.

But toot has captured plenty of humans.

Turn Nine

Only halfway there but still going.

Turn Ten

Nearly there! But oh no. A BusZ and a TruckZ come along.

On the other side of the city the group is attacked by a BusZ and three human bases are captured.

Turn Eleven

Three groups have made it across.

Thirteen human bases made it across the street but 43 were captured by toot. The upgrades continue while the human survivors hide out in the subways subsisting on vending machine food.

When will the resistance begin? Already the forces of the ferals are gathering together and the human army is being formed, but the forces of toot are many and already in production.

More to follow. Cities and towns and other terrain plus the forces of toot, the ferals, and the human army.

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