Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Change in Centuries

Change in direction or I have bought some new toys.

I am going to leave the steamy world of the 19th Century and Victorian Sci-fi behind and head off to the Post-apocalyptic 22nd Century.

This is the next project I have lined up and it will involve a fair bit of terrain and army building. I have already bought a lot of the things I need over the past year.

I am going to use the Sci-fi FUBAR rules for any battles I manage to play.

22C – toot and CarZ man!

In this world toot is a car share App that has become self aware and decided eliminate most of humanity and control the rest with chip implants. Naturally the humans are against this and warfare rages across the cities of earth.

This concept for came to me when I was watching “Cars” with my children and I was pondering how would such a society of machines evolve. I have also borrowed from a vast number of other science fiction stories with pretty much the same or similar premise. My CarZ wars was originally slated to appear in a 40k universe and while this will still happen it has been pushed a few years down the track.

Some more detailed background to follow in a subsequent post but I am off to build my functioning and abandoned cities, airfields, dockyards and maybe a secret lair and then armies for Toot, the feral humans and the forces of humanity.

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