Saturday, 25 February 2017

19C - Martian Invasion Force

The combined armies of NSW and Victoria  sent reconnaissance forces into the remote  Molongo River where the Martians had established their forward operating base.

Many of the brave men sent were captured or killed. A local militia unit had attacked the Martians soon after they had landed but the militia were completely wiped out to the last man.

Eventually after many attempts Chesty Bond returned with some photos and information on the Martians.

The main force was established around a farm in the Molongo Valley 153 miles south west of Sydney.

Martian invaders
The main ship did not have any offensive capabilities. The flyers were very dangerous and had already destroyed one airship that had tried to photograph the Martian camp.

Martian flyer

The Martian flyers are armed with some type of radium guns.

The guns seem to be linked to each other.

Martian Tripod

The Martian Tripods are very well armoured  and also have a single radium gun plus a smaller Gatling type gun.


Martian foot soldiers are armed with a ray gun of some type. Not as powerful as the one in the Tripod, it was still seen to kill an adult wallaby with a single shot.


The Tripods are from the Pendraken SciFi range. The infantry are also Pendraken  - I don't know why they were listed as Macedonian Pikemen as they are obviously Martians - I had to remove a small shield from their left arm but that was easy to do.

The painting is by me so very bad  - I am always amazed when I see what other people can do with these figures. In future, I am going to avoid close up photos.

The Flyers are Scout Ships from Pegasus (I think) as is the larger Area 51 model.


  1. Great stuff Ben!
    Chesty Bonds, he's a sound fellow, I believe he has had dealings with Captain Darling and Edward Bigger in the town of Adelaide...and he owes the good Captain a sum after a long night of Baccarat... 😊

    1. "Sound fellow" I am not sure. He certainly tells a good tale when someone else is buying the beers at the bar.
      And it doesn't surprise me that he owes money. He is a New South Welshman after all - emphasis on the welsh :)