Sunday, 28 April 2019

Bl-orks - Blue Orks

Having purchased some Epic 40k infantry and tanks Orks some years ago, added a lucky find of some Epic titans,plus an Ebay purchase of ork infantry I have a small Bl-ork army ready to face all comers.

It can be used for my 10mm VSF adventures, plus any future for SciFi.

Coming in the next year (being realistic) will be the Red -orks,  also Orks who are sworn enemies of the Bl-orks unless there is another common enemy  - think of the Balkans or Afghanistan

The Army in front of their city. The smaller walkers came with some figures so covered in paint I decided to make them into casualties,

close up of the titans.

The heavy tank section of the army

The walkers and their destroyed versions

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